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Digital Mist

Word "MIST" in our name stands for Milestones & Stories (MI + ST), and that is what we do.
Whether you want to share your life Milestones with your friends and family in the shape of personal app, or tell the story about your brand/product to your target audience with an Enterprise app, we got you covered.
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Professional Photographers  - Capture  milestones of your client's life (Engagement, Wedding, Pregnancy, Newly Born etc.) in the shape of an app. Your image galleries, videos, slide shows, and messages from your client, all at one place. And it gives an interactive experience.  Clients can share and engage with their friends and family. The app goes with them on the mobile tablet. It does not require access to internet for most of the content. The app can have your client's personal branding combined with your studio branding, and the content is safer and private as compared to a website. The app can be updated with the next milestone images, for example when your client comes back to you for shooting the first birthday of their child. It gives them another reason to keep coming back to you. 

You can offer this app as part of your wedding/family shoot package. The app is developed, maintained and updated by Digital Mist, but it has  your branding  and name.




Business, Brands - Tell the unique story about your brand/product with enterprise app. Engage your customers with our creative content to covert them to long term clients. Sell more.